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Use the power of declared data to create accurate, deep segments

Use content created through Poltio to engage existing or potential users. Use the information provided by the user voluntarily to further segment a specific user or to create anonymised targetable digital segments.

Understand your users: Create deep segments and personas

Match user responses with unique user IDs to create custom segments and user personas. Customize to ask and learn about any topic.

Addressable anonymised digital segments: DMP and social media integration

Build online addressable anonymised segments through DMP integration or social media.

Partners in Excellence: Poltio & GroupM DAS

Create and manage a data segmentation strategy with our in-house experts and partnership with GroupM DAS.


Polto Brand: eBay
Polto Brand: Unilever
Polto Brand: BeIN Sports
Polto Brand: BBVA
Polto Brand: GroupM
Polto Brand: Diageo